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Sunny Haven Ranch is designed with the mission to give families peace of mind and comfort knowing that in all instances and in all uncertainties of life, their beloved adult family member with autism will be loved, provided for and given every opportunity to thrive emotionally, behaviorally, mentally and spiritually. 

Sunny Haven Ranch - Parker and Troy

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extreme need for adults with autism

Currently, there is a dangerous shortage of programs and living facilities for adults with autism and even more so for those whose behaviors are so delicate it keeps them from participating safely in the community in which they are currently living.  Without effective care, many of the hard- earned gains made in public school when they were children and adolescents disappear without an appropriate support system for them as adults. 

What Makes us different?

A ranch style living environment provides the opportunities and lifestyle that is needed for adult individuals with autism to thrive.  The lifestyle is slower paced and more relaxed making it easier to adapt the surroundings to the need of the individual.  On a ranch there are numerous vocational activities and skills that individuals can learn.   

Providing hope

Located on our Ranch will be farm animals, gardens, huge trees, open green areas, swings and plenty of fresh air and space.  By participating in ranch life and therapeutic activities tailored uniquely to each individual they will have the opportunity to advance their work, life and emotional regulation skills.  

Help us make a difference
Individuals who are living at the ranch, full time, will have around the clock staff members helping them with chores, daily living skills, jobs and recreational activities.  With full time support, residents will be encouraged to live as independently as possible while feeling safe in their home and discovering new interests as they grow and change over time.  Each individual will require a unique program and home environment developed to their special needs but all will have the opportunity to  gather with staff and other residents as a community for dinner and other activities.      

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2021 - Sunny Haven Ranch | With love, by Aktual Design | All rights reserved.

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